Day of the Fiord is Denmark’s biggest nature focused event. Taking place every year at the second Sunday in September – in 2015 it will thereby take place at the 13th of September. The first time the Day of the Fiord took place was in 1991 around Odense Fiord. Since then the event has grown, with more activity areas as well as the event now also incorporates Kerteminde Fiord. At the Day of the Fiord a long range of institutions, organizations, schools, companies and private groups attends, all of them offering different experiences, involving nature, the outdoors, environment, culture or general health and wellbeing. You can experience them at the activity areas around both Fiords. Day of the Fiord is known for its open workshops and huge amount of activities, open for everyone. Every year somewhere in between 30.000 and 50.000 people from the local area, all the way to the rest of the country and international guests, utilize this opportunity. Day of the Fiord exists in a broad cooperation in between Kerteminde, Nordfyns and Odense municipality as well as Danish nature agency and more than 150 institutions and organizations. Economically the event is non-profit based, supported by the involved municipalities and a range of local and national sponsors. The idea behind Day of the Fiord has since its origin spread like rings in the water – thereby creating likewise initiatives in the rest of Denmark as well as internationally – some of such is the EcoDance in Russia and “The Natures Day” in Denmark.

Pictures from #fjordensdag on Instagram

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